Here you can download a cross-section of music from Duke's musical beginning - the first EP's - to his two albums and some extra thrills in between - such as playing with a full orchestra in his homeland of Belfast, Northern Ireland. We also have an exclusive demo track from the play "Mother Courage and Her Children", in which Duke currently appears.

Simply download and burn these wonderful songs onto CD and in typical inimitable Duke fashion, you can e-mail your postal address to fcm@firstcolumn.co.uk and he will send you out a cardboard wallet for you to keep your CD in! Or ask for some more for your friends!

1. Song of Fraternization
2. Everybody Wants A Little Something
3. Regarding The Moonlight In Eastbourne
4. Wake Up Scarlett
5. Diggin' An Early Grave
6. Wanda, Darling Of The Jocky Club
7. Nothing Comes Easy
8. John Lennon Love
9. Drink To Me Only
10. Closer To The Start
Duke Special

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