Younger Brother - Night Lead Me Astray (Remix)


This is a remix of 'Night Lead Me Astray' (remixed by ourselves), from our forthcoming ep of the same name out on the 8th of November through Twisted. It will also be on our forthcoming Album 'Vaccine' out next year. The track is yours to download and keep for free. All we ask for in return is to know who you are so we can add you to our e-mailing list. We don't give your email address to anyone else, and we won't bother you too often. Members of the mailing list get kept up to date with releases / shows / new merch, and usually find out first about tours / secret shows etc.
Forthcoming show: 18th November - Younger Brother (Live) Electric Ballroom with an exclusive DJ set by Shpongle.

Much Love

Younger Brother.

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